This will be an epic motorcycle camping trip.  We'll be riding in new states, exploring roads and camping venues, and ultimately spending six nights camping in Glacier National Park.

Then, on the way home, we'll explore more new places.  The trip starts on Saturday morning, July 28, 2018.  We should arrive in Glacier by August 2nd.
We leave Glacier on August 7th and end the journey back in the DFW area on the afternoon of Saturday, 2 weeks later on August 11, 2018.

Why the name, "The Big 7-Oh"?  Well, each year, one of us is celebrating a milestone in our lives.  This year, Ken turned 70 years old in mid-June. 

  The motorcycle campers on this trip.  L to R: Mike, George, JD, Ken   

The trip includes such superb places as:

  • The wonderful and newly-remodeled Sonic Restaurant in Childress, Texas (traditional 1st day's lunch to make Ken happy)
  • The traditional first night on the road at the Holiday Inn in Trinidad, Colorado
  • Ride over Independence Pass and then have our 2nd day lunch in Aspen, Colorado before traveling on to Vernal, Utah
  • Camping on the Oregon Trail beside the Snake River in Idaho
  • Riding our motorcycles in the states of Oregon and Washington, camping in Lewiston/Clarkston, Idaho
  • Riding through the forests of Northern Idaho and Western Montana
  • Exploring Glacier National Park for 6 days with tour bus rides, boat rides, horseback riding, and hiking.
  • Visiting West Yellowstone on the return trip
  • Visiting Dinosaur National Monument where we'll be  camping alongside the Snake River
  • Riding through Colorado in areas that we've never been
  • Returning to (ugh) hot, flat, and windy Texas after two weeks of experiencing the best the USA has to offer.
Click here or anywhere on the map above to see where we are while we're traveling.
Below is our itinerary with notes about our trip and links to some of the places we'll visit and things we have planned to do.

Day One, Saturday, July 28th:    (Weather for start)  (Weather at destination)

Yes, the same old route up US 287 and US 87 to I-25 to our old friend, The Holiday Inn in Trinidad, Colorado where we'll have unpaid reservations for 2 rooms.   We're meeting at 0830 at our usual Shell station in Decatur.  That  will get us to the hotel by 6:30 PM with the gaining of one hour; about 2-1/2 hours before sunset.  Traditional lunch at the Childress Sonic.  When we arrive in Trinidad, we can eat at the restaurant on the 1st floor. This will be a long day in the saddle, covering 600+ miles with 10 hours of road time plus stops.  But it gets us well on our way. It's always exciting to climb Raton Pass into the cool mountain air. 


Day Two, Sunday, July 29th:     (Weather for start)     (Weather at Destination)

We leave Trinidad by 8:30 AM and travel 422 more miles to Vernal, Utah.  Google says that it will take 7 hrs and 44 minutes of actual riding time + gas and food stops, which makes it around a 9-hour day.  Today's route takes us over Independence Pass and into Aspen where we'll have lunchWe'll pass through some really scenic areas along the way and we can dawdle if we wish.    Then, trek-on to Vernal.   We have unpaid reservations for two rooms at the Marriott Springhill suites in Vernal, Utah.  There's a Mexican Food restaurant in the same parking lot at the Mariott. 


Day Three, Monday, July 30th:     (Weather for start)     (Weather for destination)

Today we travel 442 miles in 7 hours of actual riding time (plus stops)  from Vernal Utah to Three Island State Park in Idaho where we have paid campsite reservations.    This campground has showers.  Dinner at the Fudge Factory in Glen's Ferry, Idaho.  Menu isn't on-line, but this is the highest-rated restaurant in Glenn's Ferry.   We're well on our way now.  This state park is on the Oregon Trail and has a nice Discovery/Visitor's Center.   Three Island crossing was just about the only place the Oregon Trail that the early travelers could cross the Snake River, due to it being so wide and shallow with three islands instead of just one major crossing.  It's too bad we can't stay here an extra day . . . they have a Junior Ranger program for Mikey!


Day Four, Tuesday, July 31st       (Weather for start)     (Weather at destination)

373 more miles in approximately 8 hours, 30 minutes to our paid in advance reservations at the  Hell's Gate Campground in Idaho.  We'll stop for breakfast at Denny's in Boise, ID which is only about an hour west.  This will be a really fun day because we're traveling into two brand new states for our trips, Oregon and Washington, we'll be crossing the Snake River near the Hell's Gate Canyon, and taking the Hell's Gate Scenic Byway once across the river.  Then we cross back over the river into Idaho for our campground.  There will be plenty of choices for dinner in either Lewiston or Clarkston. 


Day Five, Wednesday, August 1st      (Weather for start)    (Weather at Glacier National Park Destination)

It's only 365 miles in 6 hours, 30 minutes riding time (plus stops, food, and gas) to our campground at Fish Creek in Glacier National Park.  I suspect we'll be traveling through some really pretty forested areas with mountains, valleys, rivers/creeks, etc.  Have no idea where we'll eat lunch or dinner.  We could eat dinner in any number of nearby places on our way in.  And then relax with a fire in the pit for the evening and snack.  We have 3 nights reserved at this campground, but will have to move 2 of three of our campsites after the 2nd night.  Shouldn't be a problem, moving is right across the road.   Let the fun begin.


Day Six , Thursday August 2nd     (Weather for the day at Glacier) 

On the 2nd of August, we have a Red Bus Tour prepaid this Thursday morning,.  It should have us back by 1PM.  Then, we're planning on a rafting trip that afternoon.  The trip that looks like the most fun is their "Dinner Rafting Trip".   The rapids on Flathead River  in the Glacier area are not of the level as the ones on the Snake River. 


Day Seven , Friday,  August 3rd       (Weather for the day at Glacier) 

After breakfast, we can take a Glacier National Park shuttle up to Logan Pass and do the special trail that I really want to do.  I'm thinking maybe 6 miles R/T.   Logan Pass Visitor's Center does not have any food service.  So we'll need to bring our lunch up with us . . . at least enough to make it til our return to campsite.  This will probably take until 3PM or so. 


Day Eight, Saturday, August 4th       (Weather for the day at Glacier)

Today, after a breakfast at the lodge, we'll brake camp and ride the Going to the Sun Road, the highlight for most visitors to the park.  We'll be taking it to get to the East side of the park.  That night, we have reservations at Saint Mary campground.  (we actually have reservations for 3 nights, but probably won't use the last two) since we landed 2 nights in Many Glacier.    While at St Mary's, we can explore the east side of the park.  Also, George wants to take a side excursion to Canada. 


Day Nine, Sunday, August 5th:       (Weather for the day at Glacier)

Today we travel up to Many Glacier Campground where we have one campsite that's supposed to allow up to 8 people.  It's going to be tight.  Once there, activities for the day include either a motorcycle ride or a shuttle ride up to Many Glacier Lodge where we will have reservations for a boat trip across the lake.  This is one of the premier boat trips in the park and includes 2 lakes and a short hike.  we can travel the area, hike, eat, etc.  We plan to eat dinner at the lodge before heading back to our tents.


Day Ten, Monday, August 6th:       (Weather for the day at Glacier)

One more full day in Glacier National Park.  On this day, we have horse back riding reserved and pre-paid from the Many Glacier Hotel at 7:45 AM. This is the day that I plan to do the Iceberg Lake hike.  It's only 9 miles total R/T with only 1,200 ft of elevation gain.  It'll take a half day.  I understand that we may not all want to do this hike.  Hiking this alone is not advised because of grizzly bear activity, so I'll latch onto another party that is going at my rate.  It is said that bears never attack parties of 4 or more.  Three or less, fair gaime.  But the bears apparently can count.   LeaveGlacier tomorrow for West Yellowstone.


Day Eleven, Tuesday, August 7th:     (Weather for the start)     (Weather at our destination)

We leave the Many Glacier campground and ride the 474 miles to West Yellowstone Wyoming; stopping for breakfast at St Mary and lunch at the Ovewrland Express in Helena, Montana.  We'll have reservations for the night at the Kelly Inn hotel.  Plenty of places to eat dinner within walking distance in West Yellowstone.  We cannot dawdle on the way to West Yellowstone if we want to see the grizzly bear and wolf exhibit (also within walking distance of the hotel).


Day Twelve, Wednesday, August 8th:      (Weather for the start)      (Weather at our destination)

We head south 422 more miles, back to Vernal, Utah.  We have reservations at the campground within dinosaur National  Park that looks really cool.  No showers, but there's always the river!   We'd want to eat dinner in Vernal before heading to the campground because it's out in the boonies.  Either that or cook at our campsite.  This should be a relaxing night.  The Dinosaur National Monument visitor's center is only 4 miles down the road, right on our way to our next night's camping. 


Day Thirteen, Thursday, August 9th:     (Weather for our start)     (Weather at our destination)

Today, we travel 6 hours to Lake City, Colorado.  There, we'll have reservations Woodlake Park Campground.  It's only 2 miles from the town in a secluded section of mid Colorado.  Cool!   We can eat dinner in Lake City at one of several restaurants. ( pick a restaurant) 

 Our campsites is suitable for 4 people with motorcycles and tents.  The owner said it'd be perfect for us.  


Day Fourteen, Friday, August 10th:      (Weather for our start)     (Weather at our destination)

Today we leave the mountains and head towards home.  But not before a breakfast in historic Creede, Colorado.  It's a must-see place with high cliffs right into the town.   It's a total of 546 miles to Dumas, Texas where we should get reservations at the nice and almost new Holiday Inn. 


Day Fifteen, Saturday, August 11th:      (Weather for our start)     (Weather at our destination)  

It's approximately 7 hours of riding time to Denton where we start to split up and go our separate ways home.  George is almost home by  3:45, JD by 4:30,  and Mike/Ken by 5PM for sure.