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HVAC Office

For Windows 10  
Also  compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7

A FREE,  90-day fully-functioning HVAC Office Professional version is available.  Please contact  Quantrac Sales

For Quantrac Sales

To contact us regarding purchase of Quantrac HVAC Office, Option Upgrades, Technical Help Annual Subscription, etc. please email me at ken@quantrac.com or sales@quantrac.com.  I will give you my personal attention to make sure your needs are met as quickly as possible. 

For Quantrac Technical Support

If you currently are a Quantrac client and need technical support or would like to ask any questions, please email me directly at ken@quantrac.com. I monitor for Quantrac client emails 7 days a week including weekends and holidays. 

Email is the quickest path to technical help, answering questions, and sales.  If needed, I will initiate a phone call to follow up or expand our conversation. Using email will ensure that we both have a written record of the issue, it's diagnosis, and resolution.  Technical support is free for our Support Agreement subscribers.  

Revision 11R-722 Available!

This latest application revision includes a "fix" to a broken Service Call Activity report.  It also improves on the "Orphan Finding" utility.  Finally, this revision includes a "Revision Checker" that lists all revisions since 2015 and compares your workstation's to the latest published revision so you can easily see if a new revision is available. 

Revisions are free to all Quantrac clients with a current Annual Technical Support and Revision subscription.  Go to Quantrac's Help:About to check your revision.    

A "Revision" is an application improvement that does not require a change to your live database structure.  We work hard to keep Quantrac operational in constantly-updated  Windows operating system environments and publish new Revisions several times a year.  

The 11P-717 Revision includes all previous Revisions including Win-10 compatibility.  This revision was primarly published to give Technical Support a quick path to the Quantrac constant that retains each workstation's serial number.  Previously, it took many minutes to search each hard drive for the constants file. 

This revision also addresses truncation of fields in the Service Ticket, issues on some computers with entering invoice items into Parts Purchase Orders, and other minor cosmetic items.   In addition, it addressed a problem reported by one of our users where large-amount invoice items caused a 2nd invoice line. 

Also included is our new  "QuickSupport" which gives you the ability to allow our technical support to access and operate your computer as if we were sitting with you in your office.  This has proven to be extremely customer--oriented and efficient in the updating of installations and investigating issues. 

Subscriptions to our Technical Support and Revision service are still only $395 per year.  With a subscription, you will have free access to all revisions to Release 11 that are published; as well as our technical support to help with training or issues you might have during the subscription year.

Email to get the latest Release 11 Revision that's  free with a  Technical Support Agreement and/or to subscribe.     

Quantrac Corporation has been providing HVAC software since 1992! The software was developed in a very successful, award-winning company, Airco Comfort Systems, Inc. by a team of software professionals.  There is no more intuitive and easy-to-use package available. 

Here we are, 24years later and under the same ownership. Many of our current customers first computerized their offices in 1992 with our first release. We’ll be happy to share some of the names of our first users as well as those that are more recent. Our software is still very highly acclaimed by its users. We believe that HVAC Office is the easiest to implement and most user-friendly of all.

The HVAC industry is our only focus. HVAC Office is our only product. We are dedicated to serving this industry and don’t share our time with other products and other industries. HVAC Office has progressed through eleven releases since conception in 1992; all geared towards making the management of your company more efficient and profitable.



Please use my personal email address, ken@quantrac.com,  to contact us if you have any problems, questions, issues, requests.  Doing so keeps a written record of every issue and helps me develop a user-friendly knowledge base.  It also helps me to track calls to make sure everyone's needs have been addressed.