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Question: The HVAC Office software we have now, incorporates a full financial statement program. I don't see that as part of your program. How do your customers process payroll, write checks, do Financial Statements etc. A/P /purchase order processing etc.?

Answer: The vast majority of HVAC dealerships prefer to use Quick Books Pro or Peachtree Accounting. They are both extremely good products. They are both Windows programs that are easy to set up and utilize. Quantrac 2011 Professional includes a full AR (Accounts Receivable) module that takes care of receivables, dunning, statements, customer accounts, etc. The AR information is transferred to the accounting program of your choice through a general journal entry. Then, all payroll, payables, GL, and Financial Statements are processed in your accounting package. We have over 600 companies utilizing this scenario with great success. It leaves the back-end accounting (with its tax updates, etc.) to companies that specialize in accounting; such as Peachtree, Quick books, and many others. It allows Quantrac to concentrate and specialize in software that helps you to serve customers and generate revenue and profits.

Question: Please tell me more about your conversion package. We have a huge data base that would need to be converted.

Answer: Conversion of databases from one publisher to Quantrac can only be done by hand. In other words, we convert data field by field from your current organization to the Quantrac data organization. It is impossible to do it any other way. From conversion clients, we require that the data be formatted for conversion into ASCII delimited format. You would send us a sample and we analyze it and quote a price for simple conversion (Customers and Jobsites), more complex conversions (including equipment installed and warranty data) or even more complex (including service history). We report back what the conversion process will cost. The conversion fee is non-refundable. We outsource that work to a computer professional here in Dallas; and pay for their hourly or contracted fee. The data we return to you is formatted for Quantrac in a Microsoft Access database.

Question: I am currently an Bryant Select (or Carrier Alliance) dealer, can you tell me more about your Bryant/Carrier packages.

Answer: We have two special modules within Quantrac 2011 called "The Bryant Package & The Carrier Package". Both packages contains functionality that computerizes SCA generation, Floor plan maintenance and accounting, and Warranty Registration. Quantrac Corporation has been selected as a national preferred vendor in both the Bryant Select & Carrier Alliance program's. We offer a 10% discount on the entire Quantrac product line to all Select & Alliance members. In addition, Quantrac will include the options Bryant or Carrier package for Free! ($235.00 Value)

Question: The reason we are wanting a new software provider is "lack of customer service". Can you please tell me about your Customer Service and do you have current customers we can talk to about the functionality and customer service of the product?

Answer: We maintain a technical support staff to help you if you need it. They have many years of experience with Quantrac support. The purchase of the program includes one full year of technical support. That support is not strictly limited to just Quantrac 2011 support . . . we are also happy to help with networking, computer setup, database backups, etc. that you might need (included at no extra charge). We have the reputation of the most friendly and easiest to contact technical support in the industry. We have an Internet on-line Knowledge base, Internet real-time chat, email, and regular phone service. It is our goal for our clients to have the most reliable technical support and help available.

Yes, we have over 850 HVAC Dealerships across the US and some out of the country. We'd be happy to give you a list of users in your market area or beyond as you desire. I'm confident that you'll find that we have a very good reputation in the HVAC industry and especially with Carrier Corporation and its Bryant and Carrier dealers. We are the only HVAC Office management software publisher that Carrier Corporation recommends. It has taken over ten years of consistent performance to maintain our relationship with Carrier Corporation.

Question: After the Free technical support for 90 days, what support options are available?

Answer: Subscription to our annual Technical Support is available for only $395.00 per year, paid by check  in advance.  (this works out to be less than $33 per month for unlimited support!) Our Tech Support subscription also  includes all new revisions to your current release and discounts when upgrading to a new Release.  

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